Cigarette filter tipping paper application

  • March 15,2023
Cigarette filter tipping paper is only used for cigarette factories to use with cigarette paper because each cigarette is connected to a filter. In order to increase the aesthetics of the cigarette filter rod, a layer of outer ring paper is wrapped outside the rod to prevent the filter from being exposed naked.

The filter is generally made of acetate (tow) or other synthetic fibers. The filter can prevent the tar from directly entering the human mouth and lungs during smoking, and reduce the tar concentration of the smoke to reduce the harm to the human body. Of course, some cigarettes do not have a filter. Then, through the burning of tobacco and the breathing action of human beings, the nicotine and tar mixed in the smoke can drive straight in and hurt the human body.

Today, around the world, calling for a far cry from cigarettes, for addicts, cigarettes with a filter are at least a little less inhaled than nicotine and tar. Therefore, as long as the cigarette is still in production, the demand for tipping paper cannot disappear.

Tipping paper is a printing type of processing paper which is processed by coating and printing with water pine paper. The quality of the water pine base paper directly affects the quality of the tipping paper. Tinfoil paper is a reel paper (similar to cigarette paper), and its width is 38mm, 48mm, 50mm, 64mm, and the length of the paper is 2500m. In the coating and printing process, a thick coating having certain characteristics is printed on the paper by a printing plate and continuously printed twice to meet the requirements of the product. The printing machine is composed of two printing rolls, a drying part, a mechanical transmission, a paper returning part, a winding part, a paint coloring pad and the like.

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