Cigarette inner liner paper development

  • March 15,2023

With the common demands of the whole society for environmental protection, energy conservation, safety and hygiene, and individualized beauty, the advancement of science and technology, the continuous development of new technologies and equipment for tobacco packaging, cigarette packaging have undergone earth-shaking changes in the past 10 years, and the original Cigarette inner liner paper, which has not been noticed, has undergone unprecedented changes and has formed a state of diversity in cigarette liners today. 

At present, according to the variety, the cigarette inner liner paper can be divided into aluminum foil laminated paper, vacuum direct plating liner paper, transfer aluminum liner paper, printing liner paper, coated liner paper, film self-adhesive liner paper. And sulfuric acid paper lining, etc. Among them, aluminum foil and straight coated paper account for more than 80% of the entire application. According to the current situation of each region, the current European and American mainly use vacuum direct-plated liner paper, and a small amount of aluminum foil laminated paper and printing liner paper. In addition, the most special one is British American Tobacco's Dunhill brand, which is launched at any cost. The self-adhesive composite film-based backing paper, although not environmentally friendly, is maximally preserved and moisturized. As a major tobacco country, China still mainly uses aluminum foil laminated paper, accounting for about 70%. Vacuum direct-plated paper and transfer paper are growing year by year, accounting for 30%. In addition, there are also individual brands that use printed liner paper, sulphuric acid paper and pattern art paper for the sake of newness.

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