Cork cigarette tipping paper development

  • March 15,2023
In recent years, tipping paper has made great progress and innovation in function and use. The use of the tipping paper by the tobacco factory is not limited to simple packaging, but also pays more attention to the decorative nature, and has higher requirements for the printing aesthetics of the tipping paper.

At the same time, with the growing popularity of cigarettes in health and environmental protection, on the one hand, perforated tipping paper has developed rapidly, especially the perforationtipping paper, which is increasingly favored by tobacco factories and plays an important role in the tobacco industry's defocusing project. Character. On the other hand, the food hygiene requirements of tipping paper itself are increasingly being valued by various tobacco factories.

Nowadays, tipping paper uses a large amount of chemicals, such as inks, pigments, organic solvents, etc. in the printing process, which are very harmful to human health. Since the tipping paper is in direct contact with the smoker, the printing ink and coating of the tipping paper must be non-toxic, meet food hygiene requirements, and have certain water resistance and moisture resistance.

At present, the main difficulty in the environmental protection work of tipping paper is the problem of ink yield. For example, in the past one or two years, pearlescent tipping paper, which is commonly used in domestic high-grade cigarettes, has been welcomed by cigarette companies because of its elegant and soft decorative effect. However, the sampling inspection by the National Tobacco Standards Center showed that a large part of the pearlescent tipping paper contained excessive levels of harmful substances such as aluminum and arsenic. To this end, some packaging companies are actively seeking solutions.

As a leading international pharmaceutical and fine chemical company, Merck has not only provided relevant professional consultations to cigarette companies, but also introduced a new generation of pearlescent pigments to maintain green and healthy health indicators. The preparation of pearlescent inks, the printing of tipping paper and the performance of a stronger gloss effect. In addition, such as Minfeng Shuosong Paper Co., Ltd. adheres to the use of self-produced traditional inks in the production of tipping paper, which not only reduces the influence of ink odor on the aroma of tobacco, but also reduces the amount of benzene contained in the ink, effectively ensuring environmental protection of the product. Sex. In general, health and environmental protection will be the future development trend and basic requirements of tipping paper.

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